Thursday, September 2, 2010

About Me

Hi, My name is Stephanie and I am a Sophomore with an intended major of Industrial Engineering. I took this course only knowing that it was titled Introduction to the Novel and knowing how much I read I figured it was a good idea. When I saw that it was all about Vampire Novels I was so exited. I love Vampire Novels. I have read the Twilight Series, the Sookie Stackhouse books, the Blue Blood series, and The Vampire Diaries Series. I really enjoy books that are a mix of everything. A little adventure, romance, suspense, and humor. When I read a novel I expect to be drawn into the story and feel as if I am a character in it. This is my first online English class but I think that I will like this more because I feel that I can speak more easily since I am a shy person. When taking an online class I feel that everyone feels more comfortable talking about their thoughts because you do not have to compete with anyone to share your opinions and also you do not see anyone your talking to so everyone can feel comfortable to share their opinions without worrying that people will think they are dumb. Also, taking an English class like this that has a specific topic will be fun since other people in this class will have the similar interests I have. I cannot wait to being reading these various Vampire Novels. When I first saw the topic of this class I was in the middle of reading Interview With A Vampire so it was kind of ironic that we are reading that.
Three Interesting Facts:
1. I have a one year old tan tabby cat who thinks he is a dog
2. I have a tattoo of a Koi Fish that I got matching with my sister and it reminds me everyday that I am strong and determined and can accomplish anything
3. I may only be 19 but I act like I am 35 (so my sister says)

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  1. Hello Stephanie!
    I was the same way. I chose this class because it was a reading class, and was absolutely excited to learn it was a class on Vampire novels! If you love the Sookie Stackhouse novels and the Twilight Series, I highly recommend reading the Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilynn of my top favorite series.