Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Blog

I think that I have learned a lot in this class this semester. First and most obviously, I learned how to create and write a blog. This is something that I never thought about doing. Another thing I learned this semester is how to use the time period of novels to figure out some underlying meanings. It also helped me to learn the significance vampires had in literature and culture. To see the concepts of vampires sort of evolve from the 1800's to today was really cool. I really think that this course helped me to gain appreciation for the novel. I was always interested in whats new now and never really read any old novels. But after having to read novels like "Dracula" and "Wuthering Heights" I realized that some older novels can be just as interesting. I think the novels that had the greatest effect on my are "I am Legend" and "Dracula". I say this because in "I am Legend" I felt so close to the characters. Like I was actually in the story and I got very attached to the characters. "Dracula" had a large effect because I associate it with the most well known Vampire novel. Every one knows somewhat about the story of Dracula whether they have read the novel, saw the movie, or just know about it because they heard the story verbally. I have always been a fan of vampires. The only thing that changed is that I realized how much the older vampire novels had an influence on modern day vampires. I think that me seeing this helped me to analyze this idea. In many of my blogs I analyzed the differences in vampire characteristics from novel to novel. I think that is concept was my favorite of the class.

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