Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let the Right One In pt. 2

For this week’s blog I want to discuss the different sides this book shows of vampires and the people they affect. First off I want to talk about how that vampire affects herself. TO sum it up she hates herself. Hates what she is and tries to hide it. Uses Haken to “do her dirty work” so she does not have to kill people. Haken who loves her for who she is and will do anything for her even die (lie he ended up doing). So this shows that even though she is an evil creature there is someone who still loves her. And then there is Oskar. He likes Eli so much and got along with her so well. But when they were in the basement together and he wanted to make the blood pact so he cut himself and saw what she truly was at first he was afraid. Like normal people he thought she was a monster and never wanted to see her again. He was afraid of her. He kept picturing her distorted face and hoping that she would never contact him ever again. When Oskar is at his dad’s and rereads her letters he realizes he does not care what she is. He loves her as long as she does not try to harm him. So both Haken and Oskar show how Eli, a vampire, can bring them happiness. On the downside vampires also bring sadness. When Eli was desperate for blood she murdered a man named Jocke. This brought so much sadness to all of his friends. One night the friends were all at Gosta’s apartment trying to talk Gosta, who saw Jocke get attacked, into talking to the police about what he saw. While they were at the apartment Virginia and Lacke got into a fight and Virginia stormed out and while she was walking home also got attacked by Eli. Eli would have killed her if Lacke did not come along but instead Virginia got infected. She ended up killing herself in the hospital but exposing herself to sunlight. Both Jocke and Virginia’s deaths caused despair in people’s lives. Eli, the vampire, in this story both hurts people and makes them happy. This is a different thing than we have seen in other novels. In all the others all people were afraid of the vampires and wanted them dead. And those who got close to the vampires did not know what they truly were. So why is this? Why are authors changing the way we look at vampires? Is it used to modernize the idea of “vampire”?

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